Microsoft Product Support

©Windows Personal Computer & Tablet Support

Our services are a cost effective way of keeping your computer up-to-date with constantly changing technology. We offer full analysis of all home office hardware (networked, wireless, or non-networked), and offer sound advice in how to improve and develop your computer structure to meet your business needs for today, and for the future keeping cost in mind. Some of our services include:
  • Migrate from ©Windows to ©Apple products
  • Maintaining, adding to, and fine-tuning current PC's
  • Migrating data from old PC to new device regardless new the operation system
  • Maintaining, upgrading, adding to, and fine-tuning current network structure
  • Remote Desktop and Server Support Available
* Device upgrade must be supported by the manufacturer of the device and pass the Windows 10 Compatibility Test.


We specialize in ©Windows 8.1, ©Windows 7*, and ©Windows 10, anti-virus, software installation issues, malfunction, virus spy-ware, malware,and ad-ware removal.

* With ©Windows 7 support ending in Early 2020. Support for ©Windows 7 is limited.

LewisWeb & Wireless does not run data or electical wiring, that work should be done by a qualified electician.